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Ravenclaw shirts

Teefury has Ravenclaw shirts (today only, of course), if anyone is interested.



Computer Crash?

So I have these two computers side by side -- one for my fun stuff and one for work. I have had to remove a lot of my patterns and photos to discs because my fun one stays full (the other one never has that problem after all these years). Anyway, I do still have tons of quilt patterns and scrapbook tools and my machine embroidery and quilt design programs, and of course PhotoShop and everything else I need to exist on the fun one. A

Anyway, that computer can no longer find its hard drive. Minor problem. I tried restoring it to a prior time, but to do that, it has to find that info on the HARD DRIVE it can't seem to locate. UUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Why couldn't this happen to the one I just have my work on? I have an online backup, but I'm not sure how much is actually on there, because there's a limit to how much I can back up. NOT HAPPY HERE.

Writer's Block: Puttin' it on wax

If you decided to start a band, what would you name your first album?
Mary's Band's First Album

BLock 6

This is a photo, and not a scan. It wouldn't lie flat for me, so the edges and corners are not straight. It will HJAVE to lie straight when connected to its friends.

BLock 5 1/2

This is Block 5 1/2. I needed to use some more plastic for embroidery, and this seemed like a good place to put it. My girls say the newt is too "caroony". My explanation that it is a plastic newt from the Weasley twins did not convince them for a second. So, before we get to Block 6, this newt in a jar sits between Achievements in Charming and Moste Potente Potions.

PoDBoW 5

PoDBoW 4

PoDBoW 3

Here's block 3.

Project of Doom Week 1

I'm so excited! The Harry Potter Project of Doom (from the wonderful Ofenjen -- who else?) has finally arrived. Here's my first block. The books on the shelf with the crystal ball are "Holidays with Hags" (by Professor Lockhart), "Flesh-Eating Trees of the World, and "Encyclopedia of Toadstools". Just some light reading.
Next time I will definitely machine embroider and THEN paper piece. It's a learning process.





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